Sunday, 21 December 2008

Bishop Kieran Conry

I was quite impressed by the interview of Bishop Kieran Conry undertaken by Andrew M Brown in this weeks Catholic Herald (21st December). The full interview can be read here. It is rare to hear honest words about Papal teaching and the status of papal documents as being infallible teaching or not. Today, much is written about the life of the Church, her teaching, her liturgy etc. that the truth of it’s teaching is not always clear. By truth I don’t mean to call into question whether it teaches truth or not, but whether statements like the encyclical “Humanae Vitae is infallible teaching” are true or not. I would dearly love to know.

Many people in the church have ‘politicised’ their position and follow a view that represents their particular standpoint.

It would be refreshing to have more honest, less politicised debate as Bishop Conry has begun and for this I applaud him. Meanwhile I would greatly appreciate some feedback on the following questions.

1) is Humanae Vitae infallible teaching ?
2) does the general worldwide ‘dissent’ to Humanae Vitae constitute valid ‘non-reception’ of the teaching ?Why has Veterum Sapientia (Bl John XXIII 1962) not been implemented ? and is the non-reception of this teaching any different to that of Humanae Vitae ?

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