Thursday, 18 December 2008

“Diary of a Small Village Catholic Church.” Episode 2.

The year 1872 saw the first of many redecorations of the Church. A sum of £16 was raised for the decoration of the Lady Chapel (May 5 - June 9). Appeals for the Blessed Sacrament Chapel soon followed. Presumably the Stained Glass windows were added to these Chapels at the time. The Lady Altar window bears the inscription "Pray for the Soul of Joanna Simpson who died Sept 8 1859". The Blessed Sacrament Chapel window implores prayers for deceased members of the Roskell family. Richard Butler Roskell was the son of Robert and Anne. He was born on the 15 August 1817 and his Baptism is recorded in our church registers kept in the Liverpool Central Library Archives, although it would have taken place at the old St Benets Priory Chapel. Roskell was the first Priestly ordination that Bishop Wiseman undertook after his Episcopal consecration in 1840. Later, in 1853 the now Cardinal Wiseman consecrated Roskell the Second Bishop of Nottingham.

Notices for the 17th of October 1875. "Next Sunday reopening of Church. Mass at 8 is free but make an offering if you can’t attend at 10.30. Mass at 9 is for the children. If they come to the 10.30 mass they must behave like grown ups. There is no excuse to miss this occasion as two masses are free. There will be Pontifical High Mass — sermon by Dr Roskell (Bishop) . . . Mass 2 Deacons at throne - two at Mass — Dr Burchall as Lord Abbot and assistant M .C. (Dr Burchall founded the Church and is buried close to the main entrance) There will be 6 Priests - Abbot — 2 Bishops . . . great ceremony ! Not one like it for 15 years - when again! Tickets shown by collectors - bench holders on time, none admitted without tickets or money . . . no hardship . . . Evening admission as on handbills . . . in good time . . . Come to both — Tickets freely taken. Thanks, " Render to Caesar and to God" - so duty - pleasure - confident of success. Work with me — 2 years since I (Fr Placid Whittle) came ".

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