Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Our Lady of Marazion, Cornwall.

A couple of years ago my wife and I enjoyed a holiday in Cornwall. One day we decided to visit St Michaels Mount. Though we never got there, we did spend a lovely sunny afternoon in the Village of Marazion, on the mainland, directly across from St Michaels Mount. In the village stands All Saints C of E Church, a quiet place amid a bustling (in the Summer at any rate) community. I'm not really given to gazing at statues and so forth, but I was quite taken aback by a statue of Mary carefully cradling the infant Jesus, that stands in a corner of the church. The tender hold Mary has on her baby son was so gentle yet firm. Her whole upper body seems to participate in the caress. Every line, curve or cut of the wood seems to take part in carefully holding, protecting and tenderly loving the sleeping baby. It moved me more than any statue I have seen. Have a look and tell me what you think.


E.E. Brierley said...

Thank you for your kind message at my blog. My husband & I used to live in South Devon and we spent a good deal of time visiting Cornwall--unfortunately we missed seeing this gem which you have captured here. I'm really glad you made this statue the subject of a post, because it is just beautiful---there is something about the way the little baby clings to His mother during sleep which seems to show His need for love and protection, and is very touching because it is reminiscent of His oneness with our own nature.

Thanks again.


SQUELLY said...

I really like that!