Monday, 29 December 2008

Spiritus Christi

In a previous post about the United Ecumenical Catholic Church UK, I mentioned "Spiritus Christi" and perhaps they deserve their own post. Corpus Christi, a catholic community in Rochester, New York, developed an inclusive vision for parish life. This vision soon brought them at odds with the diocese. Trusting in where they felt God was leading the community they formed a "New Faith Community," eventually calling themselves "Spiritus Christi." People chose the name Spiritus Christi (Spirit of Christ) because it represents the spirit that arose from Corpus Christi (Body of Christ). Started by the former parishioners of Corpus Christi, Spiritus Christi is built on a strong foundation. Corpus Christi stood on two pillars: 1) Outreach to the poor, and 2) Inclusivity. Have a look at their website and see how the community has flourished and shown vision for the way in which the catholic church could realise the same vision in some parishes.

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