Saturday, 31 January 2009

Dear Pope Benedict . . . . . and erm . . .

Interesting that Pope Benedict has lifted the excommunication on the Bishops of the Pius X Society. Perhaps Pope B thinks I'm being a bit picky not liking the fact that Bishop Williamson denies any Jews died in gas chambers and that only about 2 to 300 thousand jews died rather than 6 million. Now if Papa B could find it in his heart to accept what we might call erm right wing catholics with a strange hold on history, surely he might see it in his heart to;
  • sanction the lifting of compulsory celibacy - after all the orthodox allow a married priesthood and he likes the orthodox.

  • recognise that some marriages breakdown and allow the reception of the sacraments to the divorced and whilst he's at it allow a second marriage - after all the Greek Orthodox allow a second marriage and he likes the orthodox.

I won't be too greedy for the moment, but surely this 'little' step would bring back some people who feel alienated by the church and perhaps provide quite a few married priests to help prevent the closure of some churches and prevent the scattering of communities. Surely nothing of the above is going to be contrary to the deposit of faith. After all, if Papa B wants unity with the orthodox, his work would be focussed upon the filioque clause and some issues of authority rather than the two listed above. Surely these requests are only a titchy bit left of centre compared with the SSPX being to the right of Genghis Khan ? Call me naive but . . . . .


Naive !

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