Saturday, 3 January 2009

"Diary of a small village catholic Church" - Episode 4

November 7th 1880 : Parents should be more particular in sending their children to school in time for Catechism. I have again to warn parents against sending children to school so irregularly. I have a list of irregulars (about 2 Doz) -almost all living in Rodick, Rose St and immediate neighbourhood.
January 16th 1881 : Last Sunday Parents were requested to send their children regularly and punctually to school. Though many have carefully done so in spite of the severity of the weather; a great many others have kept their children at home without sufficient reason. In most cases the weather is no excuse - children who can play in the cold streets are well able to come to a warm school. Careless parents should remember that the Law will fine them for continued negligence.

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