Wednesday, 14 January 2009

"Diary of a small village catholic Church" - Episode 5

November 28, 1897 : "We have just secured an organ for our Church the original cost of which was £600. It is almost a new one · we shall have to pay £285 for it. We considered such a chance should not be lost. The question now is "how are we to raise the money?". We feel certain that our people will come forward generously in this matter We have authorised Mr Marsh to collect subscriptions and he has kindly consented to call on our people individually. The new organ will be in use by Xmas day. We trust that a considerable portion of this money will be raised before Christmas, thus saving interest on honoured monies".

It may come as no surprise to know that the organ was not ready for Christmas, but this notice appears on January 2nd 1898."We wish to make the following preliminary announcement. Today, this fortnight -16 Jan - we shall have the opening of our new organ. - the collections that date will be to reduce the debt on the organ. We have £128.9.0. in hand so far. The sermon will be preached by Rev Fr Placid Whittle OSB, Rector of St Albans Warrington. Fr Bede Cox OSB Rector of St Mary’s Liverpool will preside at the Organ.” The collections on that day raised £20.l0.l 1/2. "The Clergy (January 23) wish once more to return their heartfelt, grateful thanks to all who contributed so generously to make last Sunday so great a success. We beg God to Bless you.”

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