Saturday, 24 January 2009

William Moon and his tactile reading code

Many people have heard of Louis Braille and his 'Braille' tactile reading code. Did you know that a tactile reading code called MOON was invented by an Englishman, William Moon from Brighton ? He designed it for people who lost their sight in middle age and knew how to read before the onset of blindness or other visiual impairment. The letters of the code are very similar in many cases to the actual letters of the alphabet. Braille can take months to learn, whereas Moon can be learnt in a few hours ! A holy grail for Moon users is finding a way of reproducing MOON in the manner in which Braille is made. Presently, text has to be written onto a word processor, printed, photocopied onto zychem paper and then the zychem paper is sent through a heater which raises the individual letters. Not an easy way to keep in touch with friends ! If you can invent a better way, you'd make millions !

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