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"For the full recognition of the decrees of the Second Vatican Council"

The papal cancellation of the excommunication of bishops from the traditionalist fraternity Pius X signifies the re-admittance of those who have consistently offered opposition to the reforms established by the Second Vatican Council.
  • Regarding the anti-Semitic remarks and the denial of the German national-socialist persecution of the Jews by Bishop Richard Williamson and his followers, we share the indignation of our Jewish sisters and brothers. Moreover, we state that the attitude of the fraternity Pius X towards Judaism does not correspond to the exegesis of the Council concerning Jewish-Christian dialogue. We support the statements of the German Bishops’ Conference, the Central Committee of German Catholics, the French Bishops’ Conference and other bishops on this matter.
  • We believe that the close correlation between the cancellation of the excommunication and the 50th anniversary of the calling of a General Council of the Church by Pope John XXIII gives a clear indication of the direction this Papacy wishes to take. We sense a desire to return to a pre Vatican II Church with its fear of modernity and democratic institutions.
  • We are very concerned that this act of rehabilitation will herald a turn around on important documents of Vatican II, for example, the decree on ecumenism “unitatis redintegratio”, the declaration on non-Christian religions “nostra aetate”, the declaration on religious liberty “dignitatis humanae” and the pastoral constitution about Church in the modern world “gaudium et spes”. Such an act will have a disastrous effect on the credibility of the Roman-Catholic Church. For Catholics who love their Church, the price is too high!
  • The Pope hopes this act will help unify the Church. However we think it is particularly outrageous that the Vatican’s renewed overtures to the schismatic traditionalist movement have been undertaken without the imposition of any conditions whatsoever. In June 2008, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Levebvre’s excommunication, the fraternity of Pius X rejected the invitation of the Holy See towards theological reconciliation. Likewise, the fraternity rejected the invitation to sign a five-topic declaration containing conditions for its re-integration in the Roman Church.
  • A return to full communion with the Catholic Church can only be made possible if the decisions of the Second Vatican Council are accepted without any reservations, as requested by the motu proprio “Summorum Pontificum” on the topic of the Tridentine rite.
  • The Church of Rome, perceived as the Barque of St Peter, lists heavily as long as the Vatican:
    only rehabilitates the “lost sheep” at the traditionalist edge of the Church, and makes no similar offer to other excommunicated Catholics
    persists in preventing progressive theologians from teaching
    refuses dialogue with all movements in the Church Essen, January 28, 2009responsible for contents: Prof. Dr. Norbert Scholl, Angelhofweg 24b, D-69259 Wilhelmsfeld Translation: Matthias Blaha / Valerie Stroud

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