Friday, 6 February 2009

Gerard W. Hughes

Twenty years ago I was given a copy of “The God of Surprises” by Gerard W Hughes. I ‘Began to read it but soon felt uncomfortable with the notion of God being as close to me as I am to myself.’ I couldn’t accept that God be so closely involved in my everyday life and thoughts, especially as I understood that we are weak, and sinful creatures. That being the case how could our life, our reason and experiences be trusted ?

I thank God that prayer, a marvellous wife and good friendships have led me more towards the spirituality of Gerard Hughes during the last 20 years. His two books about walks he undertook, one to Rome, the other to Jerusalem are easy to read, diary type books that have a lifetimes wisdom in them. The latest book I read was “God, Where are you ?” It’s written in the manner of an autobiography and describes “the author’s personal journey of exploration into the mystery of God and of human life.”
I can thoroughly recommend the book for some Lenten reading and you have plenty of time to buy yourself a copy ! Here’s a few passages I took note of during my reading.

  • Recurrent memories are God’s invitation for us to look more closely. God is in everything. Everything and everyone is sacred. Every bush is burning, if only we have eyes to see.

  • All true and lasting change must come from our own minds and hearts. The only thing I can effectively change is my way of perceiving reality.

  • Whenever you approach another person, whatever their belief or lack of it, take off your shoes, for you are entering holy ground as God has been there before you.

  • Sometimes when praying on Christ’s agony in the Garden, I have wondered whether part of the agony lay in seeing how his passion and death would be misused to oppress, coerce and dominate.


Hoy, artista said...

Thanks for the post. I have not read this book, but look forward to reading it. I took one of your quotes and linked back to you, hope it's ok!

Anonymous said...

I am currently reading "God of Suprises". Am just blown away by so much wisdom. I had purchased the book years ago and am only now reading it. I choose to believe it is God's grace. So much of what I am reading speaks to me now.

Anonymous said...

Re-reading my copy of God of Surprises. Like yourself, I respect and treasure its wisdom. A private soul bewildered by the outerworld.

Anonymous said...

Re-reading "God of Surprises" is like coming home. As I read I recognise that the book has influenced much of my last twenty five years but it is only now, in a much older but a little wiser frame of mind that it makes so much sense to me personally. How can I persuade my children, loving but lapsed, to read it?