Thursday, 5 February 2009

Isle of Man

Have you ever been to the Isle of Man ? There’s more to it than the TT races. It’s well worth a visit. There are such a variety of things to see and do, spectacular scenery and lots of history. There is a Christian presence with ancient roots. In some churches can be seen ancient ‘Manx’ crosses and some are set amidst stunning scenery. There are some fascinating local saints like St Maughold. Find out more about the Isle of Man.

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E.E. Brierley said...

I really enjoyed the Isle of Man...visited a couple of years favourite spot was St. Patrick's Isle, but we went all around the island. I loved the Celtic flavour of Christianity which was present even in the most ordinary of parish churches...and the contemplative glens, especially Glen Mooar, where stood the remains of 'St. Patrick's Chapel,'
actually an ancient hermitage not far from a beautiful waterfall. A spiritual and inspiring place---the TT races desecrate the island for me.