Sunday, 1 March 2009

Church of the Sacred Heart and Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Thought it was time for something a bit lighter in the post. It brings me great pleasure to publish some photographs I took of the church of the Sacred Heart and Saint Catherine of Alexandria in Droitwich. About 25 years ago I bought an old black and white postcard at and Antiques fair in Samlesbury Hall near Blackburn, of a mosaic showing St Francis preaching to the birds. When I bought it I felt that one day I would see the mosaic for real. About 2 years after this I wrote to the Sacred Heart Father's (Betharram) as a vocations enquiry and was invited to visit them at their school and parish in Droitwich. To my surprise there was the mosaic I had bought a postcard of. Twenty odd years later (last year) on route to Worcester I decided to stop off at Droitwich with my wife to show her the church and the beautiful mosaics. The school had gone, but the parish remained thank God. I also remembered the kindness of the Fathers there and the parish community. Take a look at their website and have a look at the life of their founder St Michael Garicoits. You can also find out about the Sacred Heart Fathers, Betharram at these websites. Olton Friary, Betharram.

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