Monday, 16 March 2009

Infamy, Infamy, they've all got it in for me !

I’m reading lots of articles critical of the Bishops Conference of England Wales for their handling of nearly everything from the Pope’s latest letter about the lifting of excommunication of the 4 Lefebvre bishops to the appointment of the new Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. There is such vitriol and bad feeling in the comments I have read. Phrases like “The magic Circle” show as much disrespect to the Bishops conference as their writers feel is being shown to the Pope by many in the Bishops conference. These writers kick and scream like spoilt children who are not getting their own way. Before I get accused of being a liberal trendy I would also take issue with extremist voices who are vociferous in their criticism of the church.

Where is the Christian witness in all of this ? Where is trust in the God whose “strength is made perfect in weakness” ? Our God is a God of Creation, a God who creates, who “makes all things new.” Cardinal Cormac’s lecture earlier this year summed up the way forward superbly.

"There are many different voices within the Church at the moment seeking to explain our problems and what we need to do to put them right. We must be attentive and discriminating but we must not allow our energies to get drawn into a Corinthian brawl, “I belong to Paul - I belong to Apollos” (I. Cor. 1.12). We belong to Christ and we are bound in unity by the ministry of Peter and the Apostolic College."

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