Saturday, 7 March 2009

John Bradburne - A Saint for today ?

- from the John Bradburne memorial society website.

In 1979 the war in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, was at its height. The government still kept all main roads open, but the guerrillas of the patriotic front controlled much of the hinterland. Whites in outlying areas were told that the government could no longer protect them and were invited to move to safer places.By August that year there were only two white men left in the area of Mutoko, a trading post about 70 miles east from the capital, Salisbury (now Harare). One was Fr. David Gibbs, a priest at All Souls Mission. The other was John Bradburne, an Englishman who looked after lepers at their settlement in Mutemwa. On the night of September 2, 1979, Bradburne was abducted from the round tin hut that was his home.
In the early hours of September 5, Fr. Gibbs found John Bradburne's body beside the main road. He was wearing only his underpants, and he had been shot dead.

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