Sunday, 19 April 2009

St Mary's Brisbane

I've not had time to watch the whole of this yet and only just discovered the videos from St Mary's Brisbane. This appears to be the final Eucharist in St Mary's Church with Fr Peter Kennedy. Please pray for the community as they enter ‘exile.’

St Paul once recognised that as a Pharisee he upheld the law. "As far as the law goes I was faultless." (Phil 3:6-8) He further recognises that he was a mass murderer. How could such perfect religious observance create such hateful and violent people.

The church is demanding that St Mary’s observe the law. Draw your own conclusions.

The story of today’s liturgy is that Thomas doubted. In all the Easter readings there is fall from grace and need of Christ’s love. Peter denied Christ, St Paul persecuted, all need the forgiveness and love of Christ.

Surely a lesson for all at St Mary’s, but how much more so for those who enforce the law, because they say “I see” (Jn 9:41). I wish I was a member of the community at St Mary’s. “Peace be with you !”

This video now appears to be offline

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