Saturday, 18 April 2009

New Catholic social teaching document

Later this year, the Bishops of England and Wales plan to produce a new social teaching document. Before the document is drafted they are holding an initial consultation.

The Bishops want to produce an accessible document that is directed to an audience beyond - as well as within - the Catholic community. The document will not be exhaustive. It will seek to present clearly the essence of Catholic social teaching and also its application to some – but only some – of the issues facing our society today.

It will seek to do so in a way that makes clear that this teaching is an integral dimension of the Gospel message, which is always rooted and founded in a life of prayer. They will therefore be seeking to convey the spiritual core of the Gospel message as the foundation and orientation of everything they say.

A draft outline framework of the document can be found here as well as details of how to forward comments by the 30th April.

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