Monday, 20 April 2009

St Mary's Brisbane - Alive in the Risen Christ

Now that I’ve watched the video of Sundays Eucharist I can see why the community have been ‘moved on.’ With those who love Christ, Christianity shines out from their community. With those who love the Church, Churchianity shines forth.

The early church fathers described their worship services by using the Greek word liturgy, which means: “the work of the people.” The “Work of the people” shines out loud and clear in this video ! So many people involved in proclaiming Christ in the Word and the Eucharist. Christ is surely taken forth into the world from this liturgy.

I’d love to see St Mary’s Eucharist next week alongside the Eucharist from St Mary’s in Exile. I hope they keep posting them on the website that can be found here.

Meanwhile the have an article about the Eucharist on the 19th April. I agree with Louise Powell when she says "What the St Mary's community preaches and does is what I think a true Christian church and community should be like." “The Australian” also has an article here.

I will continue to follow the community of St Mary's in exile with great interest. If anyone from the comunity reads this please keep me in your prayer, as I continue to keep you in mine.

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