Thursday, 7 May 2009

St Mary's in exile Brisbane - latest

I think the news from St Mary’s Brisbane is very positive especially if the local Bishop recognises they celebrate the mass ! The Church is willing to sanction the lifting of an excommunication on a holocaust denier but a community that worships in spirit and truth ? ? ?

Brisbane Archbishop John Bathersby has written to former St Mary's South Brisbane administrator warning him that penalties will be imposed unless he ceases to celebrate Mass at the Trades and Labor Council building.
Read the latest update from St Mary’s website, the courier mail and the Cath news.


Anonymous said...

Mr Peter Kennedy is an absolute disgrace and should never have been allowed to preach in the first place. The only mistake the Catholic church did is not subject him to an IQ test upon his admission.

Anonymous said...

father peter did nothing wrong its the caholic arch-ceciaty

Contemplative Catholic said...

Thank you for the last comment !