Saturday, 27 June 2009

"Holier than Thou" : St Mary's Brisbane

At last I managed to get round to watching “Holier than Thou.” It’s a documentary by the Australian Broadcasting Company (abc), from the Series “Australian Story.” The program focuses upon Fr Peter Kennedy and the Community of St Mary’s (in exhile) Brisbane. It’s well worth watching and gives a good background to the community, it’s mission and vision and the ensuing conflict with Rome.

Make a point of watching the documentary, there is a lot to commend this extraordinary community and it's 'extraordinary form' of Liturgy. Click on the Pic to watch it.

Fr Kennedy say’s some ‘interesting’ things about the Divinity of Jesus and comments “that Jesus had to die and rise again to restore us to union with God - you really have to question that understanding of God.” (9’20” – 20’.30”)

That’s a difficult statement for many and I’d love him to clarify it. He say’s of himself he is a contemplative. This shines through and through. Contemplatives see things with a contemplative eye. To contemplatives God is everywhere. Gerard W. Hughes in his book “God Where are you?” has this to say . . . .

“Recurrent memories are God’s invitation for us to look more closely. God is in everything. Everything and everyone is sacred. Every bush is burning, if only we have eyes to see.” (Pg2)

“Whenever you approach another person, whatever their belief or lack of it, take off your shoes, for you are entering holy ground as God has been there before you.” (pg11)

In the context of this contemplative eye, I can closer appreciate Fr Kennedy’s comments about the Divinity of Jesus in the programme. I applaud the community of St Mary’s in exile and will continue to pray for and make known their story. I’m sure they are not alone. Any chance of being an honorary member of the community?

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