Saturday, 18 July 2009

Children brought up by gay couples . . .

Because of the UK postal strike (didn’t know there was one) “The Tablet” are allowing free access to their online edition.

I found the article by Elena Curti interesting. In it she outlines a talk give by Terry Prendergast, chief executive of Marriage Care, to a conference of gay and lesbian Christians.

Terry Prendergast insists that children brought up by gay couples do just as well as those raised by their married heterosexual counterpart.

Have a read of the article here. If only people had ears to hear. Keep going Terry, Keep going Elena !

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FranIAm said...

Whenever I read that line from the 2003 CDF report, the one that says that putting kids in gay homes would be causing violence to them, I want to scream.

This is heartbreaking - this situation causes violence to children and to couples who want to, but can't adopt/raise them in peace.

And from the church that at this point has pretty much zero moral authority on matters of sexuality due to the sexual abuse scandal. There is always an opportunity for healing, yet the church goes the other way, so sad.

Thanks for posting this.