Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Anne, lay apostle

Not sure what to make about this website. Have a look yourself by clicking the logo. I admire her life of prayer and reflection.
Whenever I come across this kind of thing I generally feel uneasy. However, I think of the words of Francis of Assisi, as he lay dying. "I have done my part, you must now do yours." I usually take this to mean I must work out what it is God wants me to do, through prayer, reading the Gospels, reflection, (reflection is prayer isn't it ?) reception of the sacraments, and a great deal of trust.
I'm not for thinking that I should imitate someone elses way of finding God. Doing the things they did, thinking the toughts they had. If God wants me to be a great Saint, then God would make me one. However, first and foremost I know God just wants me to be me ! Thank God-ness for that.


Rosemary said...

Personally I dont believe in this ladys so called messages. People are and should be listening to the Churchs teaching, they are better off studying the Catechism, studying the Gospels and the lives of the Saints and their writings instead of this stuff from 'anne'. Dont waste your time running after these messages. The writings of the Saints are much more interesting... God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Rosemary, though it is admirable that your relationship in God is based solidly on scripture, Catechism, and the lives of saints who have passed, you should not discount Anne without knowing her history. The bishop of Ireland has given his approval for her work to be spread. The archbishop of Louisianna and the Focus Catholic TV network back Anne. When she travels and holds prayer gatherings, the emphasis is never on her. It is on the Eucharist and Christ in the Eucharist and in our lives. My life has been changed by her writings. Many people say the same. Judge her on her fruits.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, Have you read ALL of her writings? Read, if you dare, The Breakable Vow.

Veritas77 said...

These people who proclaim themselves visionaries are in need of much prayer, proper counsel and testing from good sound theologians. Just a few queries ?
Why does 'anne' not reveal her real name ?
Is she afraid of suffering if she does reveal her real name ? Visionaries such as St. Bernadette and the Seers of Fatima and their families underwent much suffering because of the apparitions.
Why does 'anne' charge money for so many books she proclaims as messages ?
Does the Bishop have time to read her messages ?
Has she been tested by the proper authorities in the Church for authenticity and also by psychologists ?
Some of her messages on Purgatory contradict the Church's teaching as well as the revelations from the Saints on Purgatory.
Why would St. Faustina who is the Secretary of Divine Mercy be now promoting another Image ? After all she suffered and all of the promises Jesus gives to the Image and this devotion, it seems rather bizzare to say the very least ? Is this a subtle form of attack or diversion from the Divine Mercy which is specifically for these times and is such a powerful devotion that is hated much by the enemy who stops at nothing to undermine it.
Any answers to the above ??
God bless you and Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally with all the concerns Veritas77 raises. Her real name is Kathryn Clark. She is from Chicago. She has said that if people go to Ireland to the shrine, they will receive special graces received at no other place. (sounds like Christina Gallagher claims) On one of the You Tube videos of Direction for Our Times, "Anne" says that people will tell her that they cannot afford to travel to Ireland to the Shrine, to which she replies that a person can receive the same graces by just venerating the picture of Jesus Christ the Returning King. It is a mimic of Divine Mercy in which Jesus says that many graces are received by persons who devoutely venerate His Divine Mercy image.

Anonymous said...

A Little reply to Rosemary and others.
It always amazes me that people seem to totally forget that Saints live in the context of time and in their time more aften than not are rejected and villified. They stand the test of time and discernment is crucial. It is essential to examine not only the writings and actions but one's own heart and one's motives for such rejection without due cause. One need only to look at the writings of the great Doctors of the Church say St Teresa of Avila or Saint Faustina to see that their words were rejected at the time they wrote them. A Saint is often recognised in the first instance by a 'sensum fidei' a 'sense of the faithful' and without a following it is impossible for any one to be recognised.
Now the essential element is and always will be .... by the fruits you will know them... let us be careful who we accept or reject as we may bring condemnation to ourselves. Prudence, care, discernment, yes, and correctives but out and out rejection.... let us be careful. HH.

Anonymous said...

Sr. Briege McKenna and Fr. Kevin Scallon have withdrawn their endorsement and support of Direction for Our Times.