Saturday, 29 August 2009

Fundamentalist ?

Unless you fulfil all the rules and meet all the regulations you cannot get to heaven – Faiths where there is a Fundamentalist aspect probably preach this lesson. Unless you stick to the rules, how can you be part of the club?

Some maintain that in keeping to the rules there is wisdom, strength and certainty of salvation. This is the Way – any who do not keep the rules, or listen to them and decide they are not for them are, or should be condemned to everlasting flames. It’s not just some fundamentalist Christians that teach this.

The 20th century has a lesson in conformity, banishing those who do not conform, those who are not ‘pure’ those who do not stick to the rules. Almost universally condemned – Adolf Hitler. Yet some religious groups are as ‘fascist’ as Hitler. What does it say about their God, or their view of God. A God of Love ?


Fran said...

These are thought provoking questions. And in my own estimation, the kinds of questions that we must continue to ask ourselves and others, if we are to live the faith we profess.

And then we must be willing to deal with the answers... now there is the rub.

While John 3:16 is often used as a fundamentalist message, I rather focus on the the notion that Jesus came to save rather than to condemn. Perhaps I am wrong, I guess I will find out.

God's compassion and love are so much greater than our human selves can possibly fathom. It is entirely human to want to exclude... and antithetical to God as I have come to understand God.

Another issue that I have with the more fundamentalist viewpoint is that it puts the focus on us and not on God. "I" accepted Jesus as my "personal savior." What? Jesus came for all. All does mean all.

If what is required is that I accept this, then I am doing the work. Isn't it rather about God's saving love?

What we must do is, in my understanding, is to turn towards God's love in response.

Now that is hard work. And available to all. Who wants to be in that club?

Well, for one - I do.

Thanks for this. Hope my ramble is not too much!

Contemplative Catholic said...

Dear Fran,
thankyou so much for this. I always value your comments on this blog, we seem to see things through a similar lens. Once again thankyou. Nick
p.s. tried to access your blog but couldn't !