Saturday, 22 August 2009

Saint Alban

Just returned from a wonderful few weeks break. I'll be writing about some of the places I've been over the coming posts.

To begin with here's the Shrine of St Alban the frist English martyr. Obviously it is found in the Cathedral of St Albans and no prizes for guessing where that is.

There are some stunning things to see in the cathedral and it must be said it's a very prayerful place where centuries of pilgrims footseps can almost be heard in the silence.

Thankfully it was a lovely sunny day outside and this had superb benefit inside in the form of great shafts of light radiating into the huge space and flooding it with light.

Also out side in the cemetery is buried Robert Runcie, a former Bishop of St Albans and Archbishop of Canterbury.

A stunning place to visit, to pray and be gently encouraged to continue the pilgrimage through life following the lead of the Holy Spirit.

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Fran said...

Wow - beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing this, that image of the shafts of light will stay with me a long time.

BTW, I have a new blog now that the other one went away. You can find me at here if you wish to stop by.

peace to you!