Saturday, 29 August 2009

Walk to Jerusalem : Gerard W Hughes

Just finished reading Gerard W. Hughes book “Walk to Jerusalem: In Search of Peace,” for the second time. It’s amazing how when re-reading a book different passages sing to you that a previous reading didn’t hear.

Written in a diary style, it records events, thoughts and encounters as this Scottish Jesuit walked from Great Britain to Jerusalem in 1987. A passage from the final chapter (pg239) is worth including here. It sort of ‘complements’ my previous post.

“We are all called to that inner knowing which recognises God at work in all things, heart of the universe, the life giving power which bonds our tiny fragmented selves to the heart of God in whom all things exist. Anything, no matter how ridiculous and meaningless it seems, which can deepen that inner knowing, whether it is a walk to Jerusalem on foot, or a visit to a church, or just a moments silence to worship him in spirit and in truth, is more precious and life giving than anything else we can do.

I left Jerusalem knowing that his peace is offered to us in every place and at every time. For it’s dwelling place is in our hearts.”

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Hoy, artista said...

It was Gerard W Hughes who led me to your blog. And now I'm curious to read this book too!