Thursday, 24 September 2009

Relics of St Therese in Liverpool

I’ve had the banner advertising the presence of the relics of St Therese of Lisieux in Great Britain, on the blog for as long as the blog has existed. At last they arrived in Liverpool and off we went to pray quietly near them in the superb Cathedral of Christ the King.

There were hundreds of people there. A background chatter of personal stories hummed around the cathedral. People were meeting other people, who were telling stories ‘binding’ themselves in their common love of the Saint of Lisieux. “Have you come from St Helens ?”, “My grandmother went to Lisieux” and on and on the whispering stories went.

The power of this little girl who joyfully lived much of her life, unknown in Carmel, until her death at the age of 24. All these hundreds of people bound together in religious faith. Each one with a story, each one loved by God, by a girl who wanted to spend her heaven doing good on earth, who in the heart of the Church wanted to be love . . . we certainly need more love in the heart of the Church.
St Therese pray for us . . .

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