Saturday, 3 October 2009

A Contemplative Mind ?

As a child, did you ever stand on a chair at the kitchen sink, hands in a bowl of water, tap running, filling cup after cup of water and pouring it into an already full bowl ? Sometimes slowly, sometimes all at once from a great height for a deeper thumping noise as the water hits the overflowing basin ? The inquisitiveness, discovering the wateryness of water. How you can use water to make sounds, long short, deep, loud or soft.

This is the ‘attitude’ of the Contemplative mind. To 'behold' the world around us, to wonder at the ordinariness of everyday life, the people we encounter, our experiences and encounters that discover us. In prayerful reflection to encounter the life of God in all things. Encountering the revelation of the ‘Godlyness’ of God in all things, as we explored the ‘wateryness’ of water as children.

A contemplative life is also a journey both into yourself and out of yourself. It is a pilgrimage through your aspirations and motives, a journey in self discovery of the ‘youyness’ of you ! How does this ‘you’ look at other people and the world around you ? Examine your motives both good and those that shut us off from the world around us. If creation has it’s source in the Creator, then all are holy and everything that has life and breath is Holy.

Here the journey out of yourself begins, as all things are therefore sustained in the life of our Creator. If this is so, then all things are somehow one, reflecting the mystery of God who creates and sustains us. As Cardinal Newman says*, “I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons, God has not created me for naught”

The contemplative mind is journey, pilgrimage and gift. We discover the journey in prayerful reflection upon the ordinariness of everyday. We listen within to the taste, touch, smell, sight and none-sense of all things, as the Mystery of God is present to us loving, longing and seducing.

*Meditations and Devotions Pt II Hope in God the Creator 2: 2-3

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