Sunday, 25 October 2009

Gerard W Hughes

Being laid up in bed at the moment has it's benefits. Just found an interview with Gerard W Hughes. I'd like to know if there's any more of this interview to be found on the web. Click on the picture or here to watch the short interview.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why Gerard is not more widely known in the Christian circles. His book "The God of Surprises" confirmed that Gerard Hughes has profound revelations that have been articulated in the best way possible, and this revelation is true. This ultimately confirms the Word of God to man in the Bible.

Put simply, I will quote Gerard. "No matter how hideous, the facts are not the end. God is".

This is such an incredible truth weaving through the Bible, and can and doth relate to our life's experiences. We have a problem here though, we need to step back and "let God be God". That is just where we go wrong. We like to play God, be in charge, be in control, punny little man!

Letting this truth work in our lives everyday and every moment, that we are not God, you are not God, and they are not God, but God is must become the ultimate truth. This is what humanity is all about. Humanity is not about replacing the God who is in the facts. The facts are kind because God is who He says He is, if we let Him and not play His role.

The facts, no matter how gruesome, no matter how hideous, no matter how perplexing, did not slip through God. He knows what He is doing when He allowed it through. Let God!

These facts are confirmed again by Gerard Hughes, as is already written from Genesis Chapter 1 where have "Ïn the beginning, God" and then to Revelation 22 which ends with "Amen, Come Lord Jesus!

Right from the beginning, He is showing us His mastership of bringing order out of chaos, if we let God. At the end too, we see the invitation stating, "Come! Lord Jesus!"

From the chaos of Genesis 1, we see His creative power weaving out the mysteriously unexplained earth and its inhabitants and all continued workings till today. Amazingly, He rested!

Why would God rest? I guess because it is finished. In Hebrews 4:1-2, He invites us to this same rest. Resting in Him, with the recognition that He took care of everything needed means He can be trusted. The facts are kind. God is.

Contemplative Catholic said...

Thank you so much for such a positive post. You may enjoy reading or listening to Fr Richard Rohr's "Great themes of Scripture"