Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Ordination of Morag Liebert

Bridget Mary's Blog ran the news of the ordination to Priesthood of Morag Liebert, the first woman to be ordained, in the UK, into the international initiative "Roman Catholic Women Priests." This initiative aims to bring about “a new model of ordained ministry in a renewed Roman Catholic Church." Morags ordination took place in Augustine United Church in Edinburgh, Scotland on Oct. 24, 2009. Congratulations Morag !

Change has to be created by people generous enough to pursue the vision of an inclusive ‘catholic’ church. If prophetic individuals and groups can show how the Church of God could be then maybe this will bring about a real vision of hope. Morag can be seen 2nd from the left in this clip from her ordination.


Helen Blackburn said...

This is not the answer. I too have felt called to ordained ministry for around 25 years, but I prefer to campaign within the Roman Catholic Church and will hopefully one day be ordained within the Roman Catholic Church. One of the positive things the RC Church has is its universality. These secret 'ordinations' are damaging the universality of the universal Church.

Anonymous said...

this is not even valid since the ordination came from an outside denominaton in an othr than catholic church. Quite frankly if you don't want be Catholic and adhere to that churches beliefs than go find a church whose beliefs are in line with yours. Female ordination in the Roman Catholic Church is like a muslim trying to bring communion services and Jesus Christ to a mosque. It just is not the saem. There are plenty of Schismatic churhes that allow female ordinagtion so just go there and end this pettiness.

Contemplative Catholic said...

it's not quite that simple really is it ?