Saturday, 14 November 2009

Catholic TV

Having just recovered from a shocking chest infection with my back going in the middle of it all, I thought I’d share some of the ways the Internet and catholic TV on the internet helped me pass the time.

First of all, I’m not usually this insular, just searching for catholic TV, but if I widened my ‘view’ I don’t think I’d have ever watched anything.

If you have found any other good TV resources please let me know. I’d be fascinated to hear – honest ! Here goes

Watch and Pray. A whole range of places in Ireland to observe Mass, the Rosary, parts of the Office or Eucharistic adoration and some classic non-committal hymn singing.

Have a nosey at the grotto in Lourdes on live TV, join in with the Rosary or watch any of the archived programs.

The Catholic community of St Paul in Leesburg, Florida have a webcam online 24 hours of the day. Sunday Mass is a lively affair with a thoughtful homily. Occasionally you might come across choir practice or a weekday service. Part of the Catholic Community Television Network (CCTN) archived programs from St Pauls can be found here appears to be based in Belgium and has a number of archived programs. Beware, some are only trailers, though eventually you might find a really fascinating program such as this interview with Gerard W Hughes. had some of the best and worst of programs I found. On the sad side take a look at this and I dare you not to cringe. However, the series, 'Catholic Destinations' give an insight to places of pilgrimage you might not have been to and would like to know more about, eg the Shrine of St Therese of Lisieux

“Salt and Light Television” based in Toronto have some brilliant documentary programs that can be watched online. You can watch a super documentary on Mary MacKillop and there are links to a range of programs on You Tube

Finally You Tube is always a varied source of inspirational and ‘outspirational’ offerings. I hope my two weeks in bed has been worthwhile for you and that my being called to stillness has been worth it.

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