Friday, 6 November 2009

Fr Gerry Malone CSsR Questions Mandatory Celibacy for Priests

Independent Catholic News are running this story relating to mandatory celibacy for Roman Catholic priests. Fr Gerry Moloney, CSsR says: “The issue of mandatory celibacy has to be looked at”. Recognising that married priests already minister in the Church through former Anglicans who joined the Catholic Church, Fr Moloney asks if the thousands of men who left the priesthood in order to marry could be readmitted. He further asks whether the Year for Priests has anything special to say to women?

He concludes that the Year for Priests is “a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our priests and the work they do but it must also allow for an open, honest discussion about the priest shortage, and what the Holy Spirit might be saying to us about this crisis.”

Have a look for yourself and thankyou so much Fr Moloney for daring to speak the unspeakable ! Find out more about reality magazine here.

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