Saturday, 30 January 2010

Bishops Nichols and Kelly on Vatican Radio

An interesting interview with Archbishop Nichols and Archbishop Patrick Kelly can be heard on Vatican radio by clicking here. Recorded just before the start of the ad limina visit the following themes are discussed.

Vincent Nichols :

Strength of belief in the UK
The Churches focus on social justice
Churches response to spiritual values in society
Multi denominational responses to promotion of religious belief and values
Response to Anglicanorum coetibus

Archbishop Kelly :

Closure of catholic churches in Liverpool and the North West
Forthcoming general election
Nugent Care
Legacy of Archbishop Worlock and David Shepherd
Response to Anglicanorum coetibus

Musical Director asked to resign . . .

Thanks to Bridget Mary’s Blog, Catholic Women Priests, for bringing the plight of a Musical Director’s support for Women’s Ordination to light.

The story appeared in “The Washington Post” on January 28th and details how a popular musical director claims she was asked to resign, by her ‘Pastor’ because of her support for women’s ordination. Read the full story here.

Perhaps I’d better watch out, as I too am a choirmaster and organist in a R.C. Parish and proud to support the cause for the Ordination of married men and women.

O God you Search Me . . .

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Stand Up For Vatican II

-From the We are Church UK website

The Stand Up for Vatican 2 meeting held in London last night (26 Jan 2010) attracted supporters from all over the UK and, although the venue had been changed to a much larger room, the order of the day was 'standing room only'. Those present represented a cross-section of the Church in these islands: clergy, religious and laity. They were of one mind, loyal to the Church they loved but also critical of its failure to move forward in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council (1962 - 1966)

The meeting called for the Church to stop messing around with whose 'tassels are the longest' (Matt 23) and to get on with its mission to bring about God's realm in the world, a realm of true justice and peace for everyone.

This cannot happen without good leadership and pastoral care. It was acknowledged that our Bishops are afraid. They have been intimidated into colluding with the bureaucracy that is now crippling and asphyxiating the mission of the Church.

One speaker proposed that the optimum size for a local Catholic community should be about 70. Jesus himself found this number congenial to work with and activate (Luke 10). Leaders and ministers for these congregations are readily available if those in authority realise that "God does not have favourites ..." (Acts 10).

There was resounding applause when there was a call from the floor for those in Holy Orders, Bishops, Priests and Deacons, to 'serve to build up the People of God' (Catechism of the Catholic Church) rather than 'lord it over them'. Speaking afterwards, Valerie Stroud, Co-ordinator of We Are Church (UK) said, "We want leaders who genuinely listen; who are prepared to engage in dialogue; who explain in words the ordinary man and woman understand; who are open and honest with believer and unbeliever alike; who do not indulge in and foster discrimination against sections of the community. If the Bishops heed God when he said "Do not be afraid" they will find they have the support of the vast majority of Catholics and the Church will go from strength to strength."

It was pointed out that Catholics who wanted to stand up for the reforms of Vatican 2felt very vulnerable at the present time and needed the support of like minds. E-mail addresses were collected at the end of the evening and We Are Church invites anyone of goodwill to join their electronic group. Sign up by sending a blank message to The Moderator will admit you and welcome you to a group of spiritual friends. (The group does not permit verbal abuse or fundamentalist diatribe but welcomes a diversity of opinion.)

See also "Stand Up for Vatican II"

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Petition to delay the introduction of the new Translation of the Roman Missal.

I'm a little behind with this topic, but, it's important everyone makes their voices heard regardless of which side of the fence you may be on. Michael G. Ryan's article from the Tablet says it all. Have a look and if you think it right, sign the petition here. Meanwhile here's the introduction to the Table article.

"Catholics in most of the English-speaking world will be
introduced to a new translation of the Mass over the next 18
months. However more than 10,000 people from 43 countries
have joined in a campaign for the text to be given a test run first.
Here, the founder of the campaign makes the case! - read more

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Disaffected Catholics and 'bad Catholics'

Thanks to the Wild Reed Blog for this interesting post about Disaffected Catholics and 'bad Catholics' written by Richard McBrien recently and appeared in the National Catholic Reporter. I have particluar sympathies with the following

"Some bishops convey the impression that the church's official teachings on contraception, divorce-and-remarriage, homosexuality, the ordination of women, and obligatory celibacy for priests are so clear and compelling that only a person of bad will could possibly disagree with them.

And yet there are many committed, well-educated, still-practicing Catholics, including many priests and religious women, who do disagree with these teachings, in whole or in part."

Read the whole article here.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Catholics for a Changing Church

Can't think why I haven't included "Catholics for a Changing Church" in my Blog before. I am proud to be 100% in favour of their cause. They have also widely endorsed the "Stand up for Vatican 2" campaign.

Here's a few links to follow for a taste of the movement.

Government and Mis-Government of the Church


Ecumenism and inter-faith

Gender and sex

The Church in the World

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Will the real Hermeneutic of Continuity please stand up ?

Just really enjoyed reading an "Appreciation of Edward Schillebeeckx (part 2)" to be found on Bilgrimage Blog. The following passage from the appreciation struck a chord, especially in the light of many who want to position the 2nd Vatican Council at a convenient point, somewhere on an invisible spectrum of 'tradition.' A BIG thankyou to William D. Lindsey

"Many of those who now combat Vatican II argue that this ecumenical council was a radical departure from the tradition, that it rejected the tradition and flung the doors of the church open to a contemporary secularism that represents a wholesale departure from longstanding tradition.

In fact, the opposite is the case. The ecclesiology of Vatican II returns to more ancient, more venerable understandings of the church found in the texts of the New Testament and in patristic theology. It corrects what was in itself an innovation on the tradition—the ecclesiology of Trent-Vatican I—by reminding the church that the perfect society model and the fortress church model that developed in the Counter-Reformation and modern periods are themselves innovative ecclesiologies—new developments in the tradition not conspicuously rooted in scripture and patristic theology."

Do have a look at the whole article Part 1, and Part 2

Monday, 11 January 2010

Scandals must kickstart new era for church

John Cooney has a fascinating article on how the catholic church in Ireland should rise from the ashes of it's scandals.

"A CHILLING sense of witnessing the end of an era was as sharp as the cold Armagh air yesterday as the body of Cahal Daly was laid to rest. It was articulated by his successor, Cardinal Sean Brady, who said that the clerical child abuse scandals had brought the Catholic Church in Ireland to a defining moment in its history."

Have a look here for more . . .

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Stand up for Vatican II

A new website "Stand up for Vatican II" has been launched. A meeting to launch Stand up for Vatican II will be held on the 26 January 2010, at St Vincent’s Carlisle Place, Westminster SW1P 1NL, (alongside Westminster Cathedral), starting at 7.00 pm.

Stand up for Vatican II is a campaign designed to involve the whole Church, Catholic organisations and individuals, who recognise the benefits the Second Vatican Council brought to the Church to stand together to celebrate the forty fifth anniversary of the closure of the Council.

I've not had time to read some of the articles yet, but, look forward to doing so.

New Year, New Beginnings . . .

Over the past 12 months I’ve been excited discovering the many ways in which people in the UK and indeed all over the world are beginning to live new ways of being ‘church.’ There is Future Church, the emerging Church, House Church, fresh expressions and New Monsaticism.
All of these movements appear to be fed and nurtured through the contemplative tradition. There are also exciting contemplative groups being a living church and encouraging the practice of contemplative prayer. Some of these groups explore contemplation through sacramental expression.

Rather than trying to re-form an expression of church that conforms to what they intellectually feel to be right, these groups ‘discover’ an expression of being church through ‘active’ contemplation, a living spiritual life ! These groups have such a lot to offer ‘mainstream’ churches. There is something special happening here. . . . .