Thursday, 25 February 2010

St Gabriels, Liverpool

A new outreach of the Ecumenical Christian Church UK, is being established in Merseyside. Have a look at this website and respond with your support or not as the case may be !

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Bishop +Roger on Spirituality

Bishop Roger Whatley of the United Ecumenical Catholic Church has written a series of articles about Spirituality. Have a good read of them by clicking here. +Roger has a fascinating C.V., details of which can be read here. Please take the time to have a good look and consider emailing +Roger with your comments or discussion.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Lenten Thoughts Week 2

Repent !

Usually the first word many think of in Lent is Repent. This often leads us to thoughts of giving up something, especially ‘sin’, trying harder to be ‘perfect,’ as your heavenly Father is perfect.

What does this say about our minds eye view of God, a God who wants us to be a spiritual superman, a God who knows we’re more likely to fail every time ? Can this really be the God of love ? Does this thought fill you with feelings of encouragement or disappointment ?

Spend a few minutes in prayer, with God as you listen to the following music.

Repent is usually translated from the Greek word Metanoia and is understood to denote a change of mind, a reorientation, a fundamental transformation of outlook, of an individual's vision of the world and of themselves, a new way of loving others and the Universe.

During the time you listen to the following piece of music perhaps you might think of a way in which the presence of God, here with you now, could effect your vision of the world, or invite you to a new way of loving others.

Finally Richard Rohr writes that “punitive people love punitive texts; loving people hear in the same text calls to discernment, clarity, choice and decision. Between the two there is a great gulf, not allowing one to cross from one side to another (cf Lk 16:26)

Richard Rohr : “The Naked Now” pg 82

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Centre for Action & Contemplation-UK

The Centre for Action and Contemplation-UK have just made live a new website and it’s well worth a look. Take a special note of the Vision Day arranged for 13th March, in Birmingham UK by clicking here.

The excellent news is that Richard Rohr will be visiting the UK between late August and early September. Take a look and see if there is a meeting near you by clicking here. I particularly hope to attend the meeting at Westminster Cathedral Hall where the evening will focus on the consequences which follow for the Christian Churches, and arguably for all of humanity, of us having a contemplative heart at the centre of our lifestyle.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Thoughts to Prepare for Lent

Come back to me with all your heart

God’s invitation to return. What does God ask of us ? How are we to return to God. Perhaps we attend a church each week and spend time in daily prayer. Why would God ask us to return when we are already part of the ‘family.’ We might consider that we spend our days ‘serving’ God.

Do we think ourselves to be an outsider, or unworthy of the experience of knowing God. Do we feel excluded or separated from the God of churches and religious communities? The reality is probably somewhere between these two. However, the invitation remains the same . . .

“Come back to me with all your heart”

Spend a few moments reflecting on this as you listen to the following song

Scripture reflection: Take the time to read this short story told by Jesus concerning two people. The first who was confident and certain in his faith and the second who felt separated from God.

click here for the passage.

In the light of the reading what effect does the following phrase, if any, have upon your thoughts.

“There is absolutely nothing we can do to make God love us more than God already does : and there is absolutely nothing we can do to make God love us less.”
Richard Rohr : pg 168 “Things Hidden : Scripture as Spirituality.”

Whilst listening to the following music, reflect on your relationship with God and God’s relationship with you, the God who is "closer to me than I am to myself”

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Papal Visit Scoreboard

As of 7.00pm, 9th February 2010
Those in favour of the Popes visit found here (Support of the Papal visit to the UK Petition) 1170

Those against the Popes visit being statefunded found here (National Secular Society) 19,914

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

What if we just said wait ?

The case for a grassroots review of the new Roman Missal ?

The “What If We Just Said Wait?” initiative imploring our bishops to slow down the implementation of the new Roman Missal recently reached another milestone: 13,000 signatures and counting!

7,200 lay people
2,265 lay ministers
3,882 priests, deacons and religious
61 countries

Please help us reach another milestone, 20,000 signatures, by forwarding making it known to friends and colleagues and helping to spread the word about this initiative. Many people have asked what they can do to help. Here are some possibilities:

Discuss the issue with Catholic friends and colleagues (most are still totally unaware that new translations are on the way!)
Share your concerns with your pastor and bishop,
If you serve on a diocesan or parish council, consider raising the issue of the new translation for discussion there,
Encourage those who are still studying the issue to explore the extensive web resources available at

Above all, pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. As one of our signers commented, “Prayer is the greatest petition!"

Thank you for your continued support. May the coming holy season of Lent be a time of grace and renewal for our Church.