Monday, 22 February 2010

Lenten Thoughts Week 2

Repent !

Usually the first word many think of in Lent is Repent. This often leads us to thoughts of giving up something, especially ‘sin’, trying harder to be ‘perfect,’ as your heavenly Father is perfect.

What does this say about our minds eye view of God, a God who wants us to be a spiritual superman, a God who knows we’re more likely to fail every time ? Can this really be the God of love ? Does this thought fill you with feelings of encouragement or disappointment ?

Spend a few minutes in prayer, with God as you listen to the following music.

Repent is usually translated from the Greek word Metanoia and is understood to denote a change of mind, a reorientation, a fundamental transformation of outlook, of an individual's vision of the world and of themselves, a new way of loving others and the Universe.

During the time you listen to the following piece of music perhaps you might think of a way in which the presence of God, here with you now, could effect your vision of the world, or invite you to a new way of loving others.

Finally Richard Rohr writes that “punitive people love punitive texts; loving people hear in the same text calls to discernment, clarity, choice and decision. Between the two there is a great gulf, not allowing one to cross from one side to another (cf Lk 16:26)

Richard Rohr : “The Naked Now” pg 82


Hoy, artista said...

Thank you for this, it is very helpful and peaceful. I cannot see the videos. Can you check or paste the links to access them?

Contemplative Catholic said...

Hi, thanks for your kind comment. Sorry you can't see the video. Can you hear the music ? You've probably tried hitting the refresh button or clicking the blank space. I wonder if some you tube vids can only be accessed from their country of Origin ?
Once again thanks for your kind words