Saturday, 6 March 2010

Companions on the Journey

I'm constantly surprised by the innovative, experimental groups of people who gather together from different faith backgrounds. Here's one thats been around for 13 years and could be a way forward for some communities in the UK. Perhaps they already exist and I haven't discovered them yet.

"Companions on the Journey" describes a group of Roman Catholics and persons from other faith traditions who have gathered as an independent non-hierarchical Eucharistic community since May 1997. Each individual’s faith is derived from his/her experiences of God, immanent and transcendent, and is illuminated by the teachings of Christ and the wisdom of other spiritual traditions. Find out more here.


The Cellarer said...

I googled Fr. Sean O’Laoire and the first thing he said on a You Tube video was

"A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Thomas."


Contemplative Catholic said...

Did you not hang around to find out why ?