Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Emerging Church

Thanks to Cathlimergent Conversations for the points below. Do take the time to visit the whole article at Catholica.

10 historical developments propelling Emerging Christianity ~Richard Rohr

∙ recovery of contemplative tradition (Thomas Merton)

∙ critical biblical scholarship on a broad ecumenical level

∙ new global sense of Christianity

∙ new ability to distinguish the essentials from the incidentals in church practice & teaching

∙ broad awareness that Jesus was teaching peacemaking, simplicity, love of Creation

∙ concerned with healing and transformation of persons & society on earth as it is to be in heaven

∙ charismatic movement, experiential Christianity & a more Trinitarian theology

∙ developing spirituality & theology of non-violence

∙ new structures of community and solidarity

∙ non-dualistic thinking: a non-oppositional, contemplative mind and heart

Excerpted from: The emerging Christianity movement - Richard Rohr for what Fr. Rohr identifies as 10 historical developments that he sees propelling Emerging Christianity.


Passing By said...

What about the pope covering up for sexually predatory priests abusing children? Or is that all water under the bridge?

Anonymous said...

Let he who is without sin throw the first stone.
Since you are perfect, go ahead and throw your stone. Bad judgements and misplaced sympathies happened but this probably never happened to you. Why can't you admit this has happened in the case of doctors,teachers,child care workers and others. You have made no attempt to give a fair and balanced judgment. Catholics and most others don't buy your attempt to smear the Pope.