Thursday, 4 March 2010

Lenten Thoughts Week 3

Three weeks into Lent and we can be filled with a sense of achievement thinking we're doing well. we’ve continued to give up what we promised to, or we have continued to do the things we said we would. Reflect for a moment on how your Lenten journey has progressed.

If you think your Lenten observance is going very well, then think again – you may have stopped journeying ! Consider why you chose to undertake the Lenten journey in the first place Has your observance become a substitute for the journey ?

Spend some time reflecting on your journey and your openness to God’s presence this Lent

Consider letting go of everything you have undertaken this Lent – can you let go of your observance, or does the thought of ‘giving in’ bring on feelings of guilt ? I so why ? Perhaps it’s time to think of a different Lenten observance maybe – maybe not !


madame evangelista said...

"Three weeks into Lent and we can be filled with a sense of achievement. I’m doing well." oh, if only!! But your point about changing observance mid-way is interesting because it can also encourage those who think they have already 'failed' Lent to re-start at any point.

Contemplative Catholic said...

OOOOOOOOoo perhaps I've not been very clear ! To think we are doing well means we have missed the point, whilst also thinking we have 'failed' also misses the point ! Our observance should never become the substance of our Lenten journey and we should always be ready to let go.

madame evangelista said...

Oh no don't worry, you were clear - that's why 'failed' is in quote marks!

Contemplative Catholic said...

thankyou for taking the time to re-visit! I think I missed your kind earlier point - friday was a long day for me ! keep going with your blog !