Friday, 2 April 2010


Although not a part of the Triduum, the events occurring after the last supper play an important part in the rest of the evening of Holy Thursday.

Confusion, anxiety and overstatement continue. “Even if I have to die, I will never disown you” says Peter to Jesus. Such strength of feeling for one who sleeps through his Masters immediate agony in the garden. At Jesus’ time of greatest need his friends are asleep.

Nothing is as it seems. Even a kiss becomes the sign of betrayal. Jesus does not condemn Judas, but calls him ‘my friend.’ Again his followers demonstrate strength of feeling by drawing their swords to prevent Jesus’ capture. They are reproved “put your sword back, for all who draw the sword, die by the sword.”

How can the disciples keep missing the mark ? Again and again they do not comprehend Jesus and yet make gestures, promises and grand statements, only to fall asleep when they are needed most, show they have not learned what they have heard from Jesus, and finally desert and deny the master they so passionately vowed to follow and support.

"Not I surely ?"

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