Saturday, 3 April 2010

Holy Saturday

All that had looked so hopeful, all the promise, all the feelings of being part of something ‘special’ were now crushed and replaced by grief, disbelief and fear of what was to come.

That Saturday after the first Good Friday was surely difficult for Jesus’ mother, disciples and friends.

What would have gone through their minds ? How would his mother have “pondered these things in her heart” ? (Lk 2:52).

Many know the pain of grief and loss. It has often been called the “price we pay for love.” We all respond to grief in different ways. Some go slowly over all of the events leading up to their loss again and again, as if drawing strength from last hours of their loved one.

Others seem to carry on with life as if new strength has been poured into their veins to cope with the stark reality. Still others heap recrimination on themselves. “Couldn’t I have done this for them?” “If only I’d have been there sooner?”

Common to all is how ‘unreal’ and yet so full of ‘reality’ this period after the death of a loved one is. It’s a very ‘different’ time in life. One that leaves it’s mark and ‘forms’ us, each in a different way. It can make sense or nonsense out of everything that went before.

How would Peter be feeling after his denial ? How would John be feeling after having Jesus’ head on him only two nights ago, and supporting, consoling Jesus mother ?

All of life is here as we try to hold on to ‘life’ so present to us, so emotionally raw. None of the rash words, promises or grand gestures that led up to Friday’s disaster. As with all bereavement we question, we weep, we feel empty, we wait . . .


Victor S E Moubarak said...

I wish you and your family a Joyous and Peaceful Easter.

God bless.

Contemplative Catholic said...

Thank you Victor !