Sunday, 4 April 2010

Peace be with You !

At last . . . In terms of liturgy and being “in church” the long wait is over. Our Lenten fast and observance of the triduum liturgy is complete. Sometimes it feels like a marathon, an uphill struggle. At others we freewheel, but surely when the Easter Vigil is over it feels good if we are honest, in many different ways.

If you disagree with that statement how about reflecting back on the empty promises made over the past three nights by Peter and the disciples close to the Lord ! Yet it will come around again all too soon. This churchy mix of death and resurrection.

Real life feels very much the same. We relate to times when life gets hard and rejoice in the moments when life is good. This mixture of hot and cold, bad times and good times, scarcity and abundance is surely a mirrored reflection of death and resurrection.

In Matthew’s account of the resurrection (Mtt 28: 1-10), first an Angel and then Jesus say to those present, “Do not be Afraid.” In John’s gospel (Jn 20:19) Jesus says “Peace be with you,” to the disciples who had locked themselves in a room for fear of recrimination from the Jews.

These were Jesus’ first words to the women and disciples, many of whom had denied him, run away from him and were left confused at what was happening the previous day. Jesus didn’t judge or condemn. Instead he says,

“Do not be afraid”
“Peace be with you !”

To us also he meets us, just as we are, in all our goodness, in all our need and says,

“Do not be afraid”
“ Peace be with you !”