Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Richard Rohr on i-tunes

It’s been a busy few weeks here with not too much time for blogging. I have had time to listen to Franciscan Fr Richard Rohr however.

I have read his books with a keen interest and have been delighted to find many of his audio books on I-tunes. If you have i-tunes on your computer click this link to see his available titles. I can recommend “Breathing Under Water, Spirituality and the Twelve Steps.”

Some of his homilies are available as free podcasts and can be heard in a web browser here.

If you haven’t heard of Richard Rohr why not give him your ears for a little time. He’s a superb communicator and could change the way in which you view your spiritual life. It may be the message your heart and mind and soul have been waiting for. If you like things for 'free', have at listen to him on Youtube. - a sort of "try before you buy !"

Saturday, 19 June 2010

African Catholic Community Church

I’ve been fascinated to find out about the “African Catholic Community Church.” Disquiet with certain areas of church discipline is not the preserve of Western nations.

Our African Brother and Sisters seem to be living the kind of community some of us aspire to ! Have a good look at their website and the work of their chief Pastor and founder Fr Fano Ngcobo. I thank God for their ministry and witness.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

World Cup

What a brilliant Idea ! Have a look here.

On 11th June 2010, the World Cup kicked off with the host nation South Africa, taking on Mexico. Pray-as-you-go in partnership with the Jesuit Institute in South Africa have provided 5 reflections on themes surrounding the World Cup and South Africa.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

I am Catholic : John Churchman

I am Catholic,

Author: John Chuchman

Absolutely loved this personal statement from John Churchman as it appeared "New Catholic Times." It sums up and ties together so many strands of my own experience with an eloquence I couldn't begin to express. Hope you like it too . .

I am Catholic,
I will remain Catholic,
though not in the sense I have been Catholic,
and not in the sense the hierarchs would like.

I'll ever be Catholic
in an inclusive and expanding sense,
not in an exclusive and retracting mode.
In terms of the Institution's trinity of Behavior:
to pay, pray, and obey,
the hierarchy would say I have two and half strikes against me:

I support my parish, but refuse to donate to any diocesan campaign,
(I need no middle-men for my donating, especially ones I do not trust)
I pray-more than ever-but not in some prescribed formulas,
rather in how I live and dialogue with my God;

I refuse to obey the hierarchy's self-serving rules and regulations,
preferring instead to abide by the true original meaning of the word
To obey: To Listen Well.
continue reading "I am Catholic" click here

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Anyone for Chocolate ?

Just had a read of William Lindsey’s brilliant blog article (The Catechism Again: The I-Believe-Everything Approach to Catholic Orthodoxy) and reflection on Terry Weldons article “The place of the Catechism.”

I particularly enjoyed discovering that “The consumption of chocolate by women was forbidden by the church when Europeans first discovered that delicious and stimulating food of the new world.”

In the 'responses' to the post William Lindsey replies “One (among many) scholarly sources you may want to consult re: the church’s surprisingly protracted concerns about consumption of chocolate is Chocolate: History, Culture, and Heritage, ed. Louis E. Grivetti and Howard Yana-Shapiro (Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, 2009).
Especially illuminating in this book is the chapter entitled “Chocolate and Sinful Behaviors: Inquisition Testimonies,” by Beatriz Cabezon, Patricia Barriga, and Louis Evan Grivetti. This essay studies the Inquisition’s involvement in inquiring into the moral feasibility of chocolate consumption by Christians. Theological debates about the use of chocolate were heated, believe it or not, through the 17th and into the 18th century.”

I love the "Open Tabernacle" Blog !

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Papal Visit

I’ve just read Damien Thompsons excellent Blog article about the chaos behind the Papal visit. He’s not too happy about the lack of resources available but I did find this article that only yesterday the Pope was given a copy of the resource booklet to help Catholics prepare for the visit.

I've also been busy searching the Papal visit site for some other resources and found this page of resources dedicated to making our parishes welcoming and inclusive. I’ve included some of them below. If a dialogue box pops up, just press cancel or open.

Everybody’s Welcome? Helping your church to become more friendly for all kinds of families

There is also a series of leaflets to help parishes understand and meet the needs of families in specific situations. A welcome resource. They can be downloaded here or click a link for the ones I have included below.

What is Life Like if You or Someone in Your Family is Disabled or has Learning Difficulties?

What is life like if you or someone in your family is divorced or remarried

What is Life Like if You or Someone in Your Family is Gay or Lesbian in Their Sexual Orientation?
Perhaps they can be printed off and left at the back of your parish near the catholic newspapers ?