Thursday, 3 June 2010

Anyone for Chocolate ?

Just had a read of William Lindsey’s brilliant blog article (The Catechism Again: The I-Believe-Everything Approach to Catholic Orthodoxy) and reflection on Terry Weldons article “The place of the Catechism.”

I particularly enjoyed discovering that “The consumption of chocolate by women was forbidden by the church when Europeans first discovered that delicious and stimulating food of the new world.”

In the 'responses' to the post William Lindsey replies “One (among many) scholarly sources you may want to consult re: the church’s surprisingly protracted concerns about consumption of chocolate is Chocolate: History, Culture, and Heritage, ed. Louis E. Grivetti and Howard Yana-Shapiro (Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, 2009).
Especially illuminating in this book is the chapter entitled “Chocolate and Sinful Behaviors: Inquisition Testimonies,” by Beatriz Cabezon, Patricia Barriga, and Louis Evan Grivetti. This essay studies the Inquisition’s involvement in inquiring into the moral feasibility of chocolate consumption by Christians. Theological debates about the use of chocolate were heated, believe it or not, through the 17th and into the 18th century.”

I love the "Open Tabernacle" Blog !

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