Thursday, 10 June 2010

I am Catholic : John Churchman

I am Catholic,

Author: John Chuchman

Absolutely loved this personal statement from John Churchman as it appeared "New Catholic Times." It sums up and ties together so many strands of my own experience with an eloquence I couldn't begin to express. Hope you like it too . .

I am Catholic,
I will remain Catholic,
though not in the sense I have been Catholic,
and not in the sense the hierarchs would like.

I'll ever be Catholic
in an inclusive and expanding sense,
not in an exclusive and retracting mode.
In terms of the Institution's trinity of Behavior:
to pay, pray, and obey,
the hierarchy would say I have two and half strikes against me:

I support my parish, but refuse to donate to any diocesan campaign,
(I need no middle-men for my donating, especially ones I do not trust)
I pray-more than ever-but not in some prescribed formulas,
rather in how I live and dialogue with my God;

I refuse to obey the hierarchy's self-serving rules and regulations,
preferring instead to abide by the true original meaning of the word
To obey: To Listen Well.
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1 comment:

Larry Clemens said...

I went to high school with John. He was off the charts bright in a high- achieving school. He is on the right track.

I'd like to connect with him again.