Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Richard Rohr on i-tunes

It’s been a busy few weeks here with not too much time for blogging. I have had time to listen to Franciscan Fr Richard Rohr however.

I have read his books with a keen interest and have been delighted to find many of his audio books on I-tunes. If you have i-tunes on your computer click this link to see his available titles. I can recommend “Breathing Under Water, Spirituality and the Twelve Steps.”

Some of his homilies are available as free podcasts and can be heard in a web browser here.

If you haven’t heard of Richard Rohr why not give him your ears for a little time. He’s a superb communicator and could change the way in which you view your spiritual life. It may be the message your heart and mind and soul have been waiting for. If you like things for 'free', have at listen to him on Youtube. - a sort of "try before you buy !"

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