Saturday, 24 July 2010

Fresh Expressions

All over the world there are both large and small groups seeking fresh expressions of the catholic faith. These ‘prophetic’ groups have many similar aims.

They welcome and embrace all people,
They open doors of opportunity to all rather than create any barriers,
They do not allow God to be tied down to tradition, rite, law or any other form of control,
They welcome all to the sacramental life of the church.

They place service before leadership
They place spirituality before maintenance of church buildings or structures,
They recognise the life of God at work in people of all faiths and none,
They favour the spirit of the law to the letter of the law,
They are an expression of prayerful relationship with God.

They have an ecumenical outlook,
They do not equate uniformity with unity,
They place relationship before membership,
They prefer to strive and to seek rather than sit comfortably with being right.

They recognise our reliance upon God’s mercy,
They place transformation before conformity,
They prefer to ‘let go,’ rather than ‘hold on,’
They are happy with not knowing.

They see God within and without, in equal measure,

They see God in the NOW.

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