Sunday, 12 September 2010

Women's Ordination Worldwide

Women's Ordination Worldwide (WOW) stands in solidarity with Catholic women in Ireland who call for a widespread boycott of Mass on Sunday, September 26, 2010.

Jennifer Sleeman, an active Catholic from Cork, Ireland initiated this movement when she urged women of Ireland to send a message to the Vatican that "women are tired of being treated as second-class citizens in the Church."

This call which began with one woman is now spreading beyond the shores of Ireland as women around the world link arms together for participation in the day of action.
  • On September 26th, 2010 WOW encourages people of Catholic faith to consider organizing one of the following options for their parish communities:

  • Withhold Funds: Instead of making a donation at collection time, place a note in the collection basket that expresses your support for women's ordination. (Print a postcard here.)
  • Wear green armbands to Mass

  • Boycott Mass: Grieving the Church's sin of sexism, participate in a prayerful fast from mass. Gather together in one of the many other meaningful ways in which the Eucharist can be celebrated, including women-led or community led communities.


Anonymous said...

Inviting and encouraging people to participate in a prayerful fast from Mass is nothing short of demonic behaviour. I find your suggestion to Boycott Mass deeply disturbing. God forbid that anything would ever come between me and my Holy Saviour truly present in all the tabernacles throughout the world and God forbid that I would ever interfere with the gifts we bring to Jesus during the offertory procession to sabotage that special time with personal messages and God forbid that I would distract the other parishioners wearing green armbands to Mass. Blessed Mother Theresa said the best time we can spend on earth is in front of the Holy Eucharist be it at Mass or during Benediction, in other words with our Lord. I am a Catholic woman and I love my Catholic Church and the person who has posted these messages is trying to attack Jesus himself during Holy Mass.

Contemplative Catholic said...

mmmmmmmmmmm but sexism, child abuse, homophobia, persecution is alright then ? Erm what about the other 2 thirds of the Trinity ? - I'm a catholic man and love our catholic church . . .