Sunday, 10 October 2010

UECC-UK Ordination

Saturday 2nd October - Feast of the Guardian Angels - was a great day for ECC UK; and for Father Nick was the culmination of 25 years of seeking to follow the path of vocation laid down for him.

Gateacre chapel in Liverpool was the historic venue for this historic occasion and the atmosphere on the day was pervaded by what Bishop Terry called "A sense of rightness".

In his homily the Bishop referred to the frightening, indeed awesome, responsibility of the priesthood - a gift given for others and not for the receiver. A power given only for service.

A church full of Father Nick's relatives and friends attested to the spirit of family that drives the ECC and its sister churches. Families start small and steadily grow bigger and stronger as more come to share the bond of love that unites the parents.

Our family grew on 2nd October and God's wider family benefited from renewed flowing of grace as the Holy Spirit reached out to touch hearts.

- A touching of hearts that refreshed the need for sacraments and broke long standing fasts.
- A touching of hearts that reconciled and healed.
- A touching of hearts that brought many different and real responses - some that will take people on new paths and deeper into the heart of God.

We have many reasons to give thanks for 2nd of October

- For the spirit of love and unity that was manifestly present
- For the warm welcome of the Rev David Buckley and the Gateacre Community
- For Father Nick's giving of himself to God's will
- For Lorna's and Joanne's loving support of that gift
- For the blessing of reassurance that what we do is God's work and will.

And now the work of St Gabriel's Community Parish really begins. "May God who has begun the good work bring it to fulfilment!"

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Jayden Cameron said...

Congratulations Father Nick! and God Bless!