Thursday, 30 June 2011

300 Austrian Parish Priests Call For Reform and Disobedience to Institutional Church

A Post on Bridget Mary's Blog gives encouraging news from Austria.  Because of the church's closed mind to reform andfailure to face up to the crises it is going through, 300 Austrian parish priests have drawn up a 7 point plan of 'disobedience.'  The seven points are: (John Wijngaards has translated and summarised from the German text):

· In every Church service they will say a public prayer for Church reform.

· They will not refuse communion to well-meaning Christians. These may include divorced and remarried, members of other Churches, at times people who have left the Church.

· They will avoid saying multiple masses in many centres. They will prefer services conducted by people themselves to artificial supply services.

· From now on they will call a service of the word with distribution of holy communion a 'eucharistic celebration without a priest'. This will fulfil the Sunday duty.

· They will ignore the preaching prohibition imposed on competent lay people.
· They will see to it that each parish has a lay chairperson: a man or woman, married or not. This to counter the joining up of parishes and of projecting a new priestly image.
· They will use every opportunity to publicly promote the admission of women and married men and women to the priestly ministry -- seeing in both men and women welcome colleagues in our pastoral ministry.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing! Good for Austria. This would never happen in the US.

Bthr. Gustav said...

I think that these priests never knew God and His Son Jesus Christ. However, my prayers are for them. Poor of them after death.

Contemplative Catholic said...

Thankyou for your comment Br Gustav, however, how can we know if these priests knew Jesus or not ? I think their issue is with Canon law, not scripture or tradition . . .