Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Church : The need for a new beginning

Solidarity with Memorandum 2011

More than 300 professors of Roman-Catholic theology have written the Memorandum "Church 2011: The Need for a New Beginning" because of the worldwide crisis of the Roman Catholic Church.

This memorandum is addressed to all "who have not yet given up hope for a new beginning within the Church and are committing themselves to this." It is theologically justified, follows canon law (CIC Can 212) and speaks from the heart of the great majority of Catholics .

The memorandum calls for dialogue - a fundamental principle of the Second Vatican Council - which deserves right now, almost 50 years after the Council, any support to the "Gospel’s message of freedom" will reach the people in the future.

More than 66,000 people have already signed in solidarity with the memorandum.
Please support the memorandum with your signature!

Make others aware of this important action of solidarity!
Many thanks!
Pedro Freitas & Christian Weisner International Movement We are Church

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