Tuesday, 21 June 2011

What's happening in Portlaoise ? ? ?

Just browsing through a recent blog post I noticed a link was broken on my entry about the meeting of the Association of Catholic Priests in Portlaoise, June 2nd 2011.  Interested to find out why I visited the website of the ACP and found the post has been 'modified.' I wonder why . . . . . I specifically noticed the contribution from Angela Hanley was sadly missing.   Here's the original post and here's the link to the new post reproduced below.

Press Release from ACP after Portlaoise Meeting

The Association of Catholic Priests met to discuss the New Missal On Thursday, June 2nd in Portlaoise. The purpose of the meeting was to seek further direction from our members, wh0 in January had requested us to meet with the bishops with a view to having the implementation of the New Missal postponed for five years.

We reported that while the meeting with the bishops had taken place, we were disappointed with the level of their engagement with us.

There was unanimity about the inadequacy of the texts, and about the way they have been developed and imposed.

A recommendation was unanimously accepted that priests and people avoid using the sexist language that pervades the New Missal

The ACP is requesting time and space for priests who have conscientious or pastoral objections to the use of some of the new texts.

The ACP is baffled that while generous provision has been made for the Latin Mass, no provision is being made to accommodate the far greater number of people who will have difficulty for different reasons with the New Missal. Such derogations by a bishop’s conference are possible under the General Instruction on the Roman Missal, No.6: “Each conference of bishops may establish additional norms for its territory to suit the traditions and character of the people, the regions and the various communities”.

It is noteworthy that the meeting was also attended by representatives of various lay groups and religious.

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