Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Popes War : Matthew Fox

I’m half way through reading Matthew Foxes book “The Popes War”. It’s makes extremely uncomfortable reading but offers great hope for the future of the (Roman) Catholic Church. The way in which Cardinal Ratzinger dealt with theology he ‘disagreed’ with (as head of the inquisition) is an indictment on him as Pope Benedict XVI. No effort was made to understand other theologians views or theology or recognise the suffering they had gone through in order to live the gospel under persecution, but, rather condemn perceived errors !

A case in point is liberation theology. The hundreds of priest’s, religious and lay people killed during the 1970s and 80s in South America have been completely ignored by the Vatican. The Vatican prefers to focus upon making the church in South America conform to Roman Dogmatism. It has canonised Jose Maria Escriva before the martyr Oscar Romero, placing fidelity to the Pope way ahead of fidelity to the teaching of Jesus in the Gospel. It completely refused to begin to understand Liberation theology.

More and more I’m beginning to see the holes in the Vaticans position. It appears to be running out of credibility. It argues about translation of the Liturgy, Extraordinary and ordinary forms, female altar servers, refuses to discuss women priests, married priests, closes parishes, pensions off Bishops who dare challenge, sacks priests who have opinions etc etc etc . . . . . It seems to have it’s eyes shut, fingers in it’s ears and shouting nah nah nah nah nah ! ! ! ! Thankyou Matthew Fox . . . . So looking forward to the rest of the book and finding out more about Liberation Theology, Creation Spirituality . . . . . .Bring it on !  Don't get annoyed with me whatever you do.  Buy the book yourself and read it, then come back to me . . . .

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